Bio-based and renewable chemicals


Shaping a sustainable future in the chemical industry

Catalyxx is leading the transformation of linear alcohol, introducing a unique and proven process with a negative carbon footprint. Nature captures CO2 from the atmosphere that is transformed into sugars. Natural yeast converts the sugars into ethanol in a process that has existed for thousands of years. Finally, Catalyxx transforms ethanol into high-value chemicals using our patented thermo-chemical catalytical process

Carbon capture. We are negative!

A true shift from fossil to decarbonized chemicals. Our independent third-party Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) demonstrates that we save 3.5kg of CO2e per kg of bio-based chemical produced.

We are biogenic!

We do not use strange compensation mechanisms or a mass balance approach. Our alcohols are 100% biogenic as all carbon in our products has been captured first by plants.

And yes, our green technology is competitive in price vs existing fossil-based processes

The combination of intermediate and specialty chemicals production makes our technology suitable to compete economically with the existing producers.


Green technology for the most cutting-edge industry


A proven and scalable technology to produce high-value chemicals from a renewable bio-based feedstock (bioethanol from any available source) through a patented chemical catalytic conversion.


Catalyxx has gathered an impressive group of professionals with a deep knowledge of technology development, industrial project development, project financing, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), and chemical markets. With more than 150 years of combined experience, Catalyxx is ready to lead the development of the alcohol chemical sustainability revolution.

Our Bio-based products

Our portfolio includes high-purity bio-based n-butanol, n-hexanol, n-octanol, n-decanol, and 2-ethyl-hexanol. We are also developing new technologies to produce biofuel to substitute diesel (GrenOl) and bio-jet fuel for aviation (ATJ) and other chemicals from ethanol.

Our Services

Technology licensing Proprietary catalyst supply Project management across the lifecycle from feasibility studies to plant start-up 1. Technology licensing (including process engineering and design) 2. Proprietary catalyst supply 3. Demonstrator plant operation services, sampling, and testing 4. Project management across the lifecycle from feasibility studies to detailed engineering 5. New catalyst developments 6. Piloting thermochemical processes adapting our demonstrator plant

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