The Renewable Chemistry Company

Creating a Better World through Catalysis

Catalyxx has developed a technology to build true biorefineries that will add value to ethanol through its chemical conversion to n-butanol and higher linear alcohols.



One of a kind game changing technology to economically and efficiently produce high value chemicals from ethanol, through a patented chemical catalytic conversion.

Our Services

Worldwide licences to use our patented technologies.

Project management across the lifecycle from feasibility studies to detailed engineering.

Engineering solutions to build true biorefineries to produce higher alcohols.

Product development of new catalysts to increase the portfolio of products for biorefineries.


Our catalyst produces high purity n-Butanol, n-Hexanol, n-Octanol, n-Decanol and 2-EthylHexanol.

We are developing more catalysts to produce bio-jet fuel for aviation (ATJ) and other chemicals from ethanol.


Catalyxx has gathered an impressive group of professionals that have a deep knowledge of project development, project financing, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), technology development, chemical markets and general management.

With more than 150 years of combined experience, Catalyxx is ready to spearhead the development of the alcohol chemical revolution.