Catalyxx Technology Revolutionizes Alcohols Production for industries

Catalyxx process is a thermo-chemical catalytic process where biobased ethanol reacts with hydrogen in the presence of our patented catalyst. In the reactor, n-biobutanol further reacts with ethanol to produce n-biohexanol, and condentation continues, producing longer-chain linear alcohols. The reaction products go into a set of separation columns to make pure alcohol cuts. Catalyxx uses conventional process equipment (reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, molecular sieves, etc.) that has been used for decades and does not require exotic alloys or materials.

In opposition to the ABE (Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol) process, Catalyxx does not use either microorganisms or fermentations. Our process is more scalable and straightforward, translating into lower capex and more efficient production. The advantage of the catalytic process is the ability to scale and reduce costs.

The most common method to produce butanol is called the "Oxo Process." In this process, propylene reacts with a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen to produce butylaldehyde, which is later hydrogenated to butanol. Propylene is produced as a by-product of ethylene production in naphtha crackers or propane dehydrogenation.



Our technology is based on the Guerbet reaction. It is a condensation reaction where two alcohols are combined into a final 'Guerbet' alcohol with the release of water.


The Guerbet reaction, named after Marcel Guerbet (1861–1938), is an organic reaction producing a molecule of a primary alcohol product from two smaller primary alcohols with the loss of one equivalent molecule of water. This reaction requires a multifunctional catalyst and moderate operating conditions.

​Catalyxx technology has required more than ten years of development and a multimillion-dollar investment. Five patent families internationally protect the technology package.

Catalyxx has demonstrated the extreme stability of our catalyst and its high selectivity to linear alcohols

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